Should I even be friends with her anymore?

So I have really bad self esteem issues. To the suicidal thoughts and self harm point, and my friends, well they're making it worse. I TRY TO FEEL BETTER BUT THEN THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO JUMPS IN AND MAKES ME FEEL SO WORTHLESS.
My BEST friend, never hesitates pointing out my ugly features, and being with me for 7 years I guess she has an idea about my low as fuck self esteem. Should I even be around her anymore? I really want to block out the negativity. Or would it be rude to suddenly block someone out like that? Should I forgive her and forget?


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  • True friends lift each other up. So if she always is putting u down then that's not a true friend honestly. You should move on and be friends with people that u can have fun with and make u feel better.


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  • Forgive and forget? So she's no longer doing it anymore?
    I'd call her out on it.
    Then probably drop her. Friends don't do stuff like that.

    • No, she did it like 2 minutes before I posted the question.

    • Ask her if she's purposely trying to make you feel like shit.
      Talk to her.
      If she's still being dumb, then yeah. I'd drop her.

    • Thanks.

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