What makes a man not fit for mating?

Lol ok I've been seeing a lot of questions about what type of men turn women off in just curious


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  • No job
    Not attractive
    Nothing in common
    Bad personality
    Too young/old
    Self absorbed
    Too horny/not enough
    No spark
    Political/religious differences
    Different upbringing

    • Lol that's too much lol you might as well get rid of half the population lol

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    • I've had a lot going on in my life that I needed to get straight. I'm at a place now that I'd be open to it since I've gained full financial independence and am stable. But I'm picky and have standards that I won't settle for. I've only ever felt a romantic connection once and I kind of screwed that up because I didn't understand it.

    • @Shawn58 , these aren't exactly set in stone, they're things most women do not like, as i'm sure men wouldn't like women to be like this, i guess it's okay for a guy to be one or two of these depending which ones but having a child isn't exactly something you want to do with just anyone so it's actually good to rule out half the population. All of these points definitely have a reason behind them. For example, if a guy doesn't have a job he would put all the weight on the woman in the relationship to make the money.

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  • good question man. if a man is in such bad health that is sperm production is below average then i believe that he is not fit for mating. and since due to natural selection we select the best possible match for mating i believe we as humans need skills and knowledge to show that we are valuable people to reproduce with.

    i believe that women want a man with social skills because after all we are a very social species and i also believe women want a man who stays with them after making a child. i think women want to get all the help they can get with raising a baby.


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  • When he's not willing to look after future children.


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  • He votes democrat or is named Paul begala

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