Autism parents?

Does anybody have a severe autism spectrum child. I have one he's 8 yr non verbal? I would just like to get advice for his future


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  • I dont, but you might try googling this to maybe find some forums for this specific thing, might get some better answers...


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  • That's got to be tough, but good on you for planning his future and trying to give him a nice life.

    I would try some alternative therapy. Normally I don't advise this, but in extreme situations like this it can't hurt. There are many different types of therapy, and certain types of therapy have been show to help with certain conditions. In my experience this often isn't covered by insurance though. I think it would be worth it though. You'll have to do some research about this. I won't pretend to know much about this.

    I would also advise looking at some studies. Maybe you'll find a link between two studies and you'll discover something that greatly helps him. These studies are not widely publicized, so you'll have to do some thorough research to see if there is anything that seems to help.

    These are more unorthodox methods, but for a condition like autism I say it's worth a shot. Obviously consult with a doctor before trying anything to ensure it is safe.

    Hey, you never know. Maybe you'll find the cure.

    Don't enroll him in public school. He'll have to be homeschooled. Bringing a tutor in now and again might be a good thing, but don't overload him with information. Severe autism children tend to have low IQs (although, this may say more about IQ tests then it does about the child taking them).

    Speech therapy could help. I would give it a shot. It's important for him to learn how to verbalize information.

    If you ever feel discouraged, just keep this in mind: Medicine has come a long way. It's very possible that within his lifetime there will be a cure for autism. So don't give up hope. He can have a great life.

  • No disrespect to GaG but I think you might get more what you need from an Autism support forum - Good luck.