Are there any computer people who can help me with this problem?

I bought a new computer and got $200 off because "they just turned it on to see if it worked" and when I got it home and went to boot it up it already has someone else's name and password on it so I can't actually access windows.

So basically, I booted it for the first time expecting to have to install everything and make my name and password etc but it already has someone else's name and password.

Does anyone know how I can get past that?

If I can't I have to take it back.

The shop is closed now, I can't call them. It says on the box on a green sticker that it was meant to have been restored to factory settings already but it obviously hasn't been.
I looked up on Google how to factory reset it and it's a really long process and I don't know if it will actually remove the copy of windows cause they didn't provide me with a disc or a key for it or anything
Thanks everyone. All good now.


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  • I'd just do a system restore, you should be able to do it from the BIOS if not It can be done with the function keys on boot

    You can create an account in safemode with CMD but I'd recommend system restore because it's easy

    Where did you buy the PC from anyway? Those guys sound like amateurs

    • JB hi-fi. But will a system restore delete the windows 10 which is on it?
      And how do I get into the BIOS?

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      That's what I like to hear, job done then

      seriously, I'd never buy a PC I prefer to build mine

      If you sent it back to the store then they might of ended up shipping it elsewhere and that's a lot of waiting. It's always good to fix issues yourself if it's possible

    • Yeah next time Im going to try putting one together myself

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  • You will have to restore it to its factory settings. So basically erasing everything so it was like brand new. I dont know what kind of computer you have but take it to a computer shop and see if they can help you out or google how to restore to factory settings.
    Why dont you ask them what the password was?

    • It's a Lenovo.

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    • whew thats good, glad everything worked out!

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  • Is that even legal? I've worked at a computer store and we would never sell a computer with personal data on it. We would always wipe it and put a fresh install of windows on it. Where did you get this PC? They should do that for you.

    Anyways, if you want to do it yourself there's a few options:

    If it has a recovery partition (or recovery discs) you can do a factory restore on it. Google the "[make and model number] factory restore" and it'll usually find the instructions from the manufacturers website. This will set it back to the same state it was in when it left the factory.

    If you have a copy of Windows you can just reformat and reinstall it. You will of course have to install all your programs and device drivers.

    Or you can make a Hirems boot cd and reset the local admin password.

  • You didn't buy a "new" computer, you bought a used one.

    Next time don't buy things that say "new but opened to see if works". If its brand new new why the fuck would you have to test if it works?

    • I think someone returned it for whatever reason. It was meant to be brand new. I was suspicious straight away but they tricked me with the discount. Bastards.
      And you're right.

  • Take it back anyway. That's why you pay for tech support.

  • If you have a copy of windows just format the hard drive reinstall the operating system...

    • I don't have a copy.

    • Well I'm not going to teach you how to bypass the password protection on a windows computer even though it's easy... If it's your computer, then you should have your own licensed copy of whatever operating system you intend to use. If not go buy a copy. If you know someone who is a student, then go threw dream spark and get a free copy. If you want to do it illegally find the iso online and burn it to a CD or make a bootable usb flash drive with it and change the boot order in your BIOS...

    • Fixed it myself.

  • When the shop opens, take it back and tell them to give a clean install of Windows.

    • Fixed it myself. All good now. Took a long time and a lot of learning but I did it. Thanks for your concern

  • Employ a hacker to change the password.

  • Try to enter safe mode , and create new profile that you will use later to get past that

    • How do you do that?

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    • I think I'm just going to have to take it back

    • Cause I don't want to stuff anything up. I want a replacement.