I just saw something crazy?

I'm a latino guy living in a rather rough black/latino neighborhood. Today I was at the supermarket situated near one of the entrances to the area and I see this gorgeous white girl, about 19 or early twenties. I'm like, okay, and assume she's probably from out of town. About ten minutes later I'm walking to my house and see the same girl walking through a field on the opposite side of the road from me, to the right. I'm like wtf, where is she walking to? Then I see her making a turn right and head to thee poorest, most broken down part of the neighborhood. Trust me, it's so bad over there, even the people who live her call it "the ghetto." And that part is rather big, so it's very unlikely she was walking *through*. How the hell does a girl like that end up living in such a place? I'm kind of jealous because the guys living in those parts probably get to bang her silly lol

Just wanted to add that she didn't look poor or anything. She was wearing everyday cloths and her hair was done up and whatnot.


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  • Beautiful people can be poor...

    • There are some hot girls living here, but seeing a hot white girl living in the worst part of the neighborhood was incredibly strange. I just can't imagine how she even survives over there. It's not just the condition of the area that makes is so bad... its the people too. Can you imagine getting catcalled hundreds of times a day IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD?

    • She's probably used to it by now, or at least just knows how to ignore them really well.

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  • There's 0 white people where you live?

    • 0... until now

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    • doing anything... carrying shopping bags?

    • Yeah, shopping for a gift. Getting stuff for her sick mom. Anything.

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  • My best friend is white and grew up in the ghetto too. She still lives there. She's white, most of her friends and boyfriend are black.

    • How did she get into that situation? Even if her family is really poor aren't there places poor whites can live?

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    • My friend, I dont live in a multicultural neighborhood. It's just blacks and latinos. There simply no white people living here. Period. except for this girl and her family I guess.

    • Think "white girl in the hood". That is actually exactly what this is