Anyone else attracted to 40-50 year old women?

I'm a 21 year old guy, and at school I met this 46 year old woman working there. She's has a never-ending supply of kindness and motherly care and is very very responsible and mature. She's also an artist, and she's very intelligent and funny. A bit chubby, but with beautiful brown eyes.
She just caught my attention as someone to trust, and someone I would be able to connect with, as well as her interesting and kind-looking face. She's just grown really beautiful to me. I take extra trips through the hallways in hopes of meeting her so I can catch her smile.

Makes me feel like a freaking creep, because she's married, has kids older than me, and she's just slightly younger than my parents. Little does she know the young looking guy at the front of the classroom is absolutely obsessed with her. Pathetic me. She does like me a lot though, but not in a romantic way obviously. I guess she sees that lost kid in me, and likes my humor and talents.

I have a theory as to why this happened. She's not the first, but this is stronger than ever. I've had a kind of fucked up relationship with my mother. She always favored my younger brother, as he grew up a lot less troubled and more masculine than me. I'm the small, artistic type, I guess.. I've had my issues. So in my childhood I was always overlooked and critiqued, and a lot on my lack of "manly" traits.
So I think I'm subconsciously always looking for that "mother" that will actually see me as the man I am, and yeah.. like me. And this woman has all the traits a good mother has. She more or less is the word "mother" in every meaning of the word. So I guess she's a mother-figure to me. And the kind of woman who I hope can fill the holes my own mother left in me.

Don't know what to do.


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  • I like this. I hope so. That means I may not be totally hopeless if I'm single when I'm older.

    • I hope she would take it as a compliment if she knew. Maybe older women who think they've lost their charm and attraction can get a little uplifted by stuff like this..

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  • I share your peculiar proclivity.

  • I thought that is MILF when I read first paragraph
    but I have different view after finishing it
    so chang I want to say.
    I guess so too but I am thinking a bit.
    I had this situation as well then now I think I am more sure that is it.
    but tbh I had no feeling after they are old.
    That is mending the hole.

    • Thank you. Good to know I'm not alone. The focus isn't sexual, more personal or romantic. I guess I just need to fix myself before I am able to have a love life.

    • Yeah tbh that seem to be mixed with sexual but you still will realize the problem but maybe the cause and desire disappear to see back all process. Just let you know that is normal maybe
      many people did not find it even they hate their parent. Floyd can not be like lawyer but like British lawyer would do something behind law too. Dont feel strange when you see this kind of world.