What would you do if you were me?

I started work.

I don't exactly 'like it' but it's something.

However, one of the older employees (man) makes me super-uncomfortable.

I'm unsure whether I should leave before it gets worse, and I'm really affected by it, or wait it out a little. Also I'm not sure I trust the company. They're not established and told me they won't give me a good recommendation if I leave.

All advice is appreciate, thanks


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  • If you like then wait...
    In your position to say.
    Like me, I know I take a new culture into group may cause feeling like you.
    I resist nurse group recently that I know I am on the process. Now I get the effect what I want but it is not nature for me, just should be a way on my experience. I found some nurses... just their voice disgust me though she may be good will.
    That is what I need to deal with myself.


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  • Uncomfortable how? I'd report the co-worker.


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  • My thing is clearly you were able to find a job without their recommendation so just don't put them on your resume's reference list and leave. Is this the same OP that wrote about her mom being a pain too? haha

    • Yeah. I am actually under a lot of stress and I'm just getting tired of this stupid job.

    • haha yeah I thought so. From my neutral position, I'd quit. You seem super stressed out, enough that you asked two questions about it so clearly you don't like it. You're young, you can get a multitude amount of jobs. As I said before, for the moment put your resume in to other openings and if you get a job quit your current job. You don't need them as a reference you already proved that by getting that job in the first place.

  • Just leave

    • Why do you say that? Because I sound like I really want to, or because the logical thing to do is leave.

      I'm afraid it will take me a very long time to find another job and that's problematic.

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    • I am under so much stress right now, and I am so tired of it.

    • Do you have anything in the bank? Take a vacation and then come back and hand out resumes, don't accept anything you don't like and demand a higher wage.

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  • Tell him that if he doesn't stop, you'll report him. You're safety is most important

    • The problem is that he's a really really weird person.

      The type who will try to annoy me far beyond this job if I report him.

      He's not doing anything sexual, but he was talking on the phone and i'm pretty sure the swear word he used was aimed at me.

      In addition, he is very rude and my desk is located right beside him.

      I'm super conflicted because it's not even a paid job and why am I risking anything for a silly job but at the same time, it's all I got right now and I enjoy it