Girls, A teacher with a foot fetish?

OK so this may sound very weird.
So one day at the end of the final lesson of the day, my teacher held back me and 5 other girls from our class as he apparently wanted a "talk" with us.
As everyone left, he said to us that he is going to play a game and if you get a question wrong then I will have to lick your feet "as a punishment".
So the game went on and admittedly we all did get questions wrong so he licked our feet.
Then, he said, right, let's step it up a notch. So he layed down on the floor and said, now you girls have to ask me questions and if I get them wrong, then you will have to shove all your toes down my throat until I can't take it any more.
So that also went on and we did have to put our toes in his mouth which was weird.
After an hour passed, he said that we done well and that we can leave. But I think that there was something else more to this than just a game and the punishment was to make him lick our feet and suck our toes.

What do you peeps think about this and should we tell anyone about it?


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  • I'm really hoping this is some sort of story or fantasy. It is completely unethical for anyone in a position of power to engage in behavior similar this (sexual intention or not). Reporting the behavior to a school counselor, dean/principal, or parent should happen immediately.

  • I'm thinking you're making this up because you have a foot fetish...