How can I find some peace?

I got backstabbed by the girl I liked and someone I thought was a friend at school. I'm just tired of it, I've been bullied since 4th grade and its still happens today just in different ways. I was able to avoid school today but my mom just makes me go back everytime she knows I'm upset. I have no friends, and I can't focus in class because I get so close to tears hearing the other kids talk to their friends or their girlfriend. I can't change schools, I can't join any. clubs at school so what can I do? I don't wanna sit alone every evening doing homework while everyone else has fun.


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  • That's a very sad story and I am sorry that you have going through this. Does the school or your family help at all? How did the girl backstab you?

    • basically I met a new friend in my PE class and I told him about this girl I liked who I met a few weeks ago through a friend. I started getting to know her and for whatever reason I figured maybe she liked me even though she said she had a boyfriend because she kept making me walk her to class, hang out, etc. at one point she took my glasses one day when she was wearing a dress and heels, put them on and said she couldn't see so I had to hold her hand and help her up steps and stuff to get to class. anyways since Friday my so called friend kept telling me about how he works fast and how he had her number. I didn't think anything of it but all throughout the weekend he starts texting me all this shit saying he went to her house, she kissed him, and all this shit. listening to my mom I figured he was just lying but I get to school Monday morning and everything he said was true except the kissing, so he says.

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    • Well, she and Noah deserve each other. Let them run off into the sunset together. You allowed her to humiliate you and you need to stand up for yourself more. You should say that it was just a bit of fun for you and that you just wanted to see how far you could get. Turn the tables. Wake up and start being smarter with things like this. When does school finish for you? College may be a chance to turn things around for you.

    • I'm a junior, that's why I've been upset lately. I don't wanna be popular or anything I just want a small group of friends and a girlfriend to bring places yet I have neither. I want a girlfriend though because I've always been bullied and I can remember kids saying no one will ever like me and I wanted to change that before I finished highschool. I'm a healthy, short young man I just don't know what to do now. they're are no other girls that I know that maybe I could start talking to.

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  • Awe :( I am so sorry! I knew a guy like that... we became friends :)

    Developing some healthier social skills will help. Also finding some friends online to text might assuage the pain a little... Message me any time. I will warn you, I am seeing someone*

  • Why can't you join any clubs?
    And honestly, I read the other comment about what they did. That's fucked up. Be glad to get rid of them now rather than a couple years down the line when they could fuck you over with something even more huge than this.
    Are you allowed headphones with volume turned low while you're doing work and the teacher isn't talking?

    • nope, and I can't join any other clubs until January because I was in cross country but I couldn't compete because when I switched to this school last year my mom couldn't get the grades I got from my last school so I have to catch up. right now technically I am a junior but not until January when I'm all caught up with enough finished classes. and the things I could participate in the people in them are mean

    • January seems kinda far but it's not that bad really, like it's October now, and you'll get Christmas break then go back in Jan. So only really just over a month til you can join.. which I know is a long time when you're dealing with this shit, but really it's not when you think about it.
      Also, the small group you already know, who always run off to their girlfriends instead. Do you ever invite them to things outside school? If not, definitely try to because it does really help a lot.

    • k I'll try, thank you for listening

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