What do you think about Turkey?

What do you know about the Turks?


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  • Ah the Turks. Its a really strong lategame civilization in aoe2, but are very gold dependent. They have a really good economy when entering the castle age but lack the strong early game. Because the Turks are a gold hungry civilization I suggest you team up with the Spanish or Aztecs since they give a +33% gold team bonus.

    Army composition goes as follows:
    Turkish army containing massed janissaries (very strong anti infantry unit), hussars (really strong vs monks), heavy camel (anti cavalier unit) with some bombard cannons can defeat any army with proper micromanagement. Bloodlines and husbandry makes cavalier units stronger and faster.

    I think all in all the Turks are one of the strongest anti infantry lategame civilization in the game, not to mention their superb economy when hitting castle age. The downside of this civilization is its weak economy in the early game. I suggest that you wall off your base and rush to the castle age ASAP.


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  • It's great if you put butter under the skin.

    • Lmao, we had the same response! Are you getting as pumped as I am for Thanksgiving? Lol

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    • @Bobbyhill1 True, true. Fair enough.

  • I know there are many turkish people on this site and they keep asking the same questions on what we think about them and their country

    • only i am which is dont ask this question in Turks :D

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    • yeah this troll thing seems to be only from the turkish site lol but google chrome has an extension that can translate sites for you

    • @Bobbyhill1 also didn't know that haha its good to learn something new everyday 😛

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