Can you guess my language 😜?

Guess my language, and what I am saying. Who ever gets it right, gets the MHO.

Áhàm bụ̀ Joy. Kèdú áhà gị́? Obu ihe obi uto imata gi.

Don't use Google translate! That would be cheating! Good luck! 😊

None of you are close. 😂
Come on you guys try harder. 😊
Some of you are actually close. Keep trying. 😊


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  • Is it Igbo? 😁 I didn't cheat I know you're Igbo ☺️! Lol! I can't guess what you're saying ☹️ Don't know any Igbo.

    • Haha... lolz ⌒.⌒
      I will tell you what I am saying when my question is closed, so that others don't cheat. ;)

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    • Ahhhh!!! I know some Igbo now!!💃🏾 💃🏾Thank you so much for making me MHO!

    • Haha... lol
      Your very welcome! 🙋

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