Please rate and give opinions on the audio visualizer I have created? Use headphones for better effect?

So I created this video where the visualizer reacts to the beats of the audio!!
Watch it in HD?

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More comments please?


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  • I think you're taking very large frequency range, take only sample, it will create much better representation. Moreover to fill circle you can fill actual half and mirror other side. It's ok i guess. Good luck


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  • dude that is pretty sweet, would be a great "skin" for an mp3 player or for the screen of your stereo in the car, could even make it change colour and stuff..

    You should make a sterioscopic 3d, 4k, interactive version of it for listening to music in VR.

    • Thanks man! But I can only create the skin... I don't know how to add it to the player... But i will check it out anyways! :-)

  • I will be honest - since I'm not interested in this kind of thing and I dislike this kind of music - I can not comment whether this is good or not. I suppose it is? I mean, doesn't look amateurish.

  • Nice, I like it. Do you make music too or just after effects?

  • Is there software that automatically reacts to it or do you have to personally create it?