Does this girl like me or is she using me just for a ride to and from work?

I work at a part time at a restaurant with this girl. I been getting to know her the past 4 months and we've been getting closer, i think she likes me but this other girl says she uses me and she doesn't lile, so it has me thinking. My question is does she use me for rides? I don't have the best car in the world but for the past month i been giving her a ride to and from work. When we're on break and in the car we have a good convo. Last week my car wouldn't start up right away and i told her i was sorry and she was like "awww that's ok, poor car and poor you". So she does infact give gas money. Once a week. I asked her if she could give me a ride (she has a car but it's old) and according to her, her car is not running. She is flirty at times i must say.

So i told her if she gets it fixed we can switch up. The only problem is we live on different sides of the town. In all honesty the gas money is really not enough ($10). I dont want to say anything but when i told this girl about her she said she basically wants rides and she's "teasing" me so she wouldn't have to pay. Is this true or would you say she likes me?


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  • Im a girl and I'm telling you from a girls look. I'm pretty sure she only likes you as a friend. If she likes you more, then she would've made a move and made it more obvious. Of course she's going to be flirty here and there - any girl would. I say tell her you have to do some errands before or drop your mom/a sibling off somewhere before work to avoid giving her rides and see how she reacts. If you need gas money then say "damn I'm running on gas... can you get a ride to work?" If she asks. NEVER ask if she needs a ride. Good luck !

    • She is a bit touchy. But i do like her.. more than a friend that is. I could do that and see. I know she has a sister and her car works. The girl i work with has a old neon, i looked at it one day and it seems to run but shuts off. I'am in no way a mechanic but i think if you keep giving it gas the engine won't cut out on a red light lol. But i will do that today before we work. I will see how it goes today and see what she says.

      So more than likely she likes me as a friend only right? It's a bit weird cause if i were to talk to another girl, she would kinda interrupt.

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    • She defiantly has caught feelings and she was defiantly trying to flirt. I think if you got closer to her and maybe gave her your sweater, helped her put it on etc. you might've gotten a kiss at the end of the day. I think you should message her next time you work together and ask her if she needs a ride. Seems like things are picking up with her and now is a good time to start showing more interest to her :)

    • Hmm ok. Well thanks for your help. Again I really appreciate it :)

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  • I can't really tell you if she likes you as a potential boyfriend, but she doesn't seem to be completely using you... giving you gas money is a good sign that she at least likes you as a friend. I would also think that if she is flirting, it's probably genuine or she'd be coming up with excuses not to give you the gas money.

    • i noticed more and more she would tease me. She would like to take pics with me and sometimes when we're at work she would like put her body on me for a second. When im talking to another waitress she would kinda butt-in or interrupt. Sometimes we catch each other looking at each other too.

    • Sounds positive, try not to listen to what other girls say about how another girl is acting... you never know their motives.

    • yeah, that can be true

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  • What exactly wrong with your car, i can try and help you.

    As for her it's hard to say. i mean she should be giving you $20 a week tbh. It's not like she doesn't have money. Driving cross town is a hassle. She is flirty with you so she could like you too. It's a bit hard to say, try and take it to the next step and stir up the pot a little bit loool.

    • i have a code for some crank thingy but sometimes it won't stay running and shuts off. I'm not sure what this is

    • the crank position sensor failed i think. If it stalls at idle it could be your throttle position sensor. Also make sure you catalyc converters are not clogged. This could be another issue. But since the code said crankt hen it's your CPS (crank position sensor)

    • thanks i really appreciate it