I sort of have psychic abilities. I had a dream of my best friend dying and this guy who hurt her crying? What could this mean?

I had a dream that my bestfriend was attacked by dogs and that she died. I had seen this guy and I told him about how she died and he started to cry intensely in the dream.
In real life, however, this girl who thinks she's friends with my friend, told my bestfriend that this guy told her that he doesn't feel the same way towards my bestfriend. I honestly feel like she's lying but my bestfriend thinks that maybe she isn't. I really feel like she's trying to do harm to my bestfriend though and I think that she's just jealous. God bless my bestfriend, however, what do you think this means? I think that it means that the guy actually does like her, and he'd be sad if she moved on and stuff. What are your opinions?


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  • You may have your psychic opinions but I can't take a decision on what you have stated above. Anything can happen.

  • It means it you had a dream. That's it.

    • Okay but I'm asking this question to people who have the deeper meanings to dreams.

    • There aren't any other than your emotions may be expressing themselves. They are not predictors of the future.

      As a case in point, I had a girlfriend whom I loved tremendously and wanted to marry. I just realized that today is the 26th anniversary of her taking me to the opening of the Albany Symphony Orchestra season where we saw Beethoven's 9th Symphony. I had never been to something like that before. I was deeply in love with her and wanted to marry her and she broke my heart almost 25 years ago. Several times a year, I have intense dreams about this woman. Sometimes the dreams are so intense it messes me up for hours if not the whole day. Last night, I had the first such dream in at least a month or 2 or more. I wake up upset and curse the Lord asking why He enjoys torturing me and move-on with my day. I don't know why I had that dream last night; I wasn't obsessed with her or anything, but maybe because my subconscious remembered that concert and this "honeymoon period" from then...

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