Girls, Who's the better bad boy?

Girls, Who's the better bad boy?Crash or Kieran? So MTV has two shows finding Carter and Scream. Crash is from finding Carter and Kieran is from Scream. They both play the resident bad boys of their town in both shows, I've always wondered if it came down to either Crash or Kieran who would be the better MTV bad boy.
Ill start off with finding Carters resident bad boy Crash. Now in the beginning of the show Crash was drug dealer and he had a criminal record. He first seen in police station getting handcuffed to a chair while eyeing down the main girl of the show Carter. Him and Carter start dating and he eventually cleans up his act and joins the military. Also to note in the beginning of the show even though he was a criminal he was a gentleman to Carter and nice to his friends. He also believed he destroyed everything he touched and he wanted so badly to believe he was a bad guy, but Carter saw through the criminal act he put on and took him for the good guy he was deep down inside all along even though her mom hated him and thought he was trash.

Now let's talk about Kieran, the new quiet mysterious kid in town. When we first see Kieran he is in the back of the class being quiet and brooding. At one point the teacher asks a student a question and Kieran interrups and answer the question for the student. He's also the son of the sheriff and he keeps to himself. He's been arrested before and has a fake id because in one episode you see him drinking in a bar when he's only 16. He ends up dating the good girl of the show Emma and in season 2(SPOILER ALERT!!!) He is revealed to be one of the killers in the town. At the end of season 2 he's last scene in jail.

So after reading that who would you say is the better MTV bad boy?
Crash the drug dealer

Kieran the killer


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  • Both borign pretty boy types.

    • How are they the boring pretty boys type? Both characters are interesting and they both have bad boy qualities.

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    • Those aren't 'bad boy' qualities... Those are just mental disorders...

    • Do you even know what a bad boy is? Every single bad boy character posses these qualities. They're brooding, mysterious, break the law, sleep around, break hearts and are self destructive with a tourtured past. You obviously know nothing about bad boys. It's even in the name BAD meaning they do bad shit. They're bad for women and they're dangerous. How do you not comprehend that? Ever hear of Damon Salvatore, Dean Winchester, Jess Mariano, Ryan Atwood, Chuck Bass, Jordan Catalano, Luke Glanton? They are all considered the bad boy type. Please tell me in your opinion what a bad boy is cause I really don't think you know what a bad boy is