How can I reset my life during/after divorce?

So spouse filed for divorce, she has changed her looks within a month in every way. Has turned into a unrecognizable person. This is her second failed marriage and my first... I lost all my friends too. How can I get to starting a reset like her? Like if nothings happened? I want to start healing. The divorce isn't finalize till April of 2017.


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  • Go get laid. Not by her. That's step one. She doesn't need to be pretty, not a potential soul mate, no Ms Perfect. You are looking for Ms. Pulse. Ms. Has A. Pulse, to be precise. After that, console yourself that you've learned early that marriage these days is a meaningless construct whose only utility comes when you've committed to procreation (a widower's custody of his children can't be successfully challenged unless he's proven unfit, where as a contract can be undone by a judge sympathetic to the plaintiff). Focus on getting your life together. Install a metaphorical revolving door for women in your life until one stays of her own accord, with no further promises or commitments. That'll be the one you want to keep.

    • Very interesting, never thought about that way. Thank you.

  • Travel.

    • That is a very good idea, thanks.