Why do I feel so alone?


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  • You are getting to the age where the need to have someone that you can share your emotions/thoughts/time with is taking over. It is perfectly normal. We were designed to seek out mates not just to reproduce but as partners and helpmates. My suggestion. Get a dog :)

    • I have had 2 my whole life I have 2 dogs right now.

    • You are under 18 you are just beginning to self realize please be careful you are vulnerable due to all these mixed up feelings and to many people are willing to use those feelings to get things that you don't need to be giving right now. Maybe try finding a chat site with people your age and find someone on there. That should fill that hole for you

What Girls Said 2

  • do u have friends?
    anybdy close to u u can talk to?
    do u find urself bored a lot?
    what do u do with most of ur time?

    • I don't have friends. other than my mom no and I don't dare talk to her about anything. i get board a lot. most days on my PC sleeping TV reading or drawing.

    • thst probably y u feel alone...
      u gotta find something or someone who will fill the void