Please, Chemistry test help?

1. Which of the following is a chemical property?
a. ability to conduct electricity
b. ability to become magnetic
c. ability to react with oxygen
d. ability to conduct heat

2. how many grams are in a 2500mg sample?
a.2.16 x 10^2g
b.2.3 x 10^3 g
c.2.27 x 10^3 g

3. Conditions for an experimental chemistry reaction requires a temperature of 300 k. Convert this to Celsius temperature. K=C degrees + 273
a. 570 degrees
b.27degrees celsius
c.17degrees celsius
d.573 degrees Celsius

4. Jim, Jane, Ann and Bill measure an objects length, density, mass and volume, respectively. Which students measurements might be in liters?
a. jim
b. jane
c. ann
d. bills
Im not very good at chemistry at all, this isn't all the questions but I decided not to push my luck, any help you can give would be appreciated


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  • 1) c
    2) d
    3) c
    4) d

    • ThankYOU, do think you would wanna explain any of the answers?

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    • Electricity, magnetics and heat conduction are physical properties.

      mili is unit of measurement 1000 times smaller than it's main measurement. Main measurement for mass is gram, this means 1000 miligrams is 1 gram. So 2500mg is 2,5 g.

      Basic equation, if 300=C+273 then C=300-273.

      Lenght is in meters, Density in kg/m3 , mass in kg and volume in liters (1dm3).

    • by the way it's 27 not 17. 3) is b.

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  • Do your own goddamn homework.

    • Aw thanks for the advice! If I could I oh so obviously would Asshat, You wernt gonna help? dont view or comment under my question

    • I wanted to xp for answering the question, so I did.

      If you can cheat your classwork, I can cheat my answers.

    • hmmmm ok thanks

  • Do your own homework, kid. You won't learn anything if you only get the answers. How do you expect to do well on the test if you don't know how to arrive at the correct answer?

    • Listen DUDE. if I could do it by myself I wouldn't have even asked here, if anyone had responded I was gonna ask how they got waht they did, you telling me to do it myself but I KNOW you had hella help going through school, regardless it was just answers or you worked for it

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    • Common sense would dictate using your textbook to understand key concepts. Armed with this conceptual understanding, you could easily tackle these simple questions.

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  • This is elementary school chemistry...

    • If this is a challenge, wait until she gets to quantum numbers.

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    • AS is the year before A-level exams which are British exams :)

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