What does "Pending" Mean?

I've been keep track of my mother and I dream home that we are planning to move in 4 months and it was ACTIVE OPTION CONTRACT but now it said "PENDING" Does that mean someone is doing the paper work and planning to move in or the seller is closing the sale? I really need your opinion so I can talk to the agent asap. I have that much hope that i've been spending my freedom looking at the pictures and picturing our life and my future there.


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  • Pending closely related to holding or awaiting until a decision is made or settlement. So your thing is being decided upon and being with held for careful review.

    • Oh, I thought it was in a process saying that the seller was accepted and their waiting for the approval from the lender. In other words, I though the condo is already been sold.

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  • Good One, hun, @Junlian
    And "Depending" on how this Goes through, Hope it is Happy Homecoming for You and Mom.
    Good luck. xx

    • If we do get it, I can't describe how bad she dreams of living there.

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    • I think its because how the world accepted the society where majority of the president were all men.

    • Yes, and I believe that a good Honest man should stay in this seat, but make sure he loves America too. xx

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