Why am I ugly then pretty?

So some or most days depending on the week or month, like everybody will stare at me and I'll be like ok I'm that good looking lol but then on a day where I look in the mirror and say girl you look good/ pretty zero people will look at me that day so I guess I don't know what beauty is. Hahha i usually look ugly when I don't feel any emotions at all and then the days where I do feel emotion like anger mostly and pain, I will look striking. So why am I just a torture victim. and why does this keep happening to me? Like over nad over and over again,,, I don't like it, it's like either way I'm not exactly happy but at least I look pretty when I'm miserable / psycho... so yea 😭 I asked to Be happy and instead I looked ugly with no emotion 😐 honestly I'd rather feel pain than no emotion.


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  • My guess going on what you said and my observations in real life with women. When you are displaying emotion you probably have more colour for one and for two you don't care what people think of you. On the flip side when you know you look good you might preen and appear egotistical so people think you think that you are all that and a bag of Doritos. The you that doesn't give two sh#$s about her looks is the one that lets the true beauty shine through.
    My advice, stop trying to look good and just be yourself. Obviously that is where your true beauty is seen.
    But what do I know that is just my opinion

    • he was so nice to me when I was pretty.:( myself isn't enough

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    • Honestly I do feel like I lose pretty cuz of my mood cuz people say I look off and don't look at me anymore or treat me different

    • that could have to do with your behaviour and have nothing to do with you being 'pretty' or not

  • It's normal, just one thing is certain: the ones who find you pretty will find you pretty and the ones who doesn't won't, regardless of what you think. So, why bother?

  • don't jinx it XD


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