Does this girl at work hate me/is kind of jealous, or something's up?

I started work as an intern (graduated).

The girl who works full-time (fresh graduate), she seems distant. Initially I thought it was a bit of a 'who is she to tell me how to do my job,' but lately she's acting weird.

Like she'll tell me she sent me files, and then when I ask her she'll act as though she never said it. She'll talk down to me. I told her something in confidence and she went and told the boss.

It's confusing, because to me it's like why would she care she's a full-time employee who is paid to work here I'm just volunteering.


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  • It's a cut throat environment. You either kill or be killed. Not a good place for nice people.. Or quiet people.

    • The thing is, I've never worked in a professional environment, so I'm not really 'sure' what is/isn't the norm.

      I know she tries to actively make me feel like I'm below her, and she doesn't do it to the other intern.

      I have reason to believe that she's like that but I'm confused because to me it's like why would someone who is earning a pay cheque from this job care about what I am or am not doing.

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    • The thing is, she knows I'm a really smart girl who graduated from a better University. It made me wonder if she secretly thinks I'm better but puts me below as she feels I'm actually a smarter person.

      When I told her the University I went to she said, 'wow.'

      She kept asking me what it was like living there, what courses I took, what I plan to do professionally etc.

      Do you think they're considering letting me go? One of the other workers said, "(me) is here still, so that's good."

      I was like what did he mean by still? He was talking about how they fired another intern (but that guy was dumb or something).

    • Wow I am envious I never could stick it through college. 😞 You should be proud of yourself.. to answer your question if I think they will let you go? It's hard to say, I know from personal experience working with a temping agency (apartment maintenance tech) I was constantly walked over. Lol they used me. I got them all caught up on their work the following week what was my reward? I was let go.. >.> but if I were you I would enjoy myself for the time being and just focus on your social networking right now. And learn how to cope with unfriendly employees. It's just all part of the job. You have to be all around 'up to par' if that makes sense.

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  • Why would she think 'who is she to tell me how to do my job'?

    It's very possible you're just annoying. I work as a teacher, but long term subs and daily subs annoy the hell out of me because they act so helpless like they don't know what they're doing. That and sometimes they have the nerve to talk to me like I'm dumb just because I'm young.

    It's probably because you're an intern and you get on her nerves. You probably aren't doing anything specifically wrong.

    • Hmm ha ha no way.

      I'm actually more qualified for her job than her, and she realizes it to an extent. We were comparing coursework as I graduated from a better University and she was like, "wow I didn't take any of that."

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    • I'm actually not sure how to deal with the situation. I'm actually tired of it truth be told.

      I obviously don't really like taking orders from someone I think I'm above, but at the same time I've tried to me amicable to her to reduce negative tension. I thought we were pretty good the last time I saw her.

      Yet suddenly she brings up something very personal to the boss about me feeling uncomfortable about a situation. It made me realize I can't trust her and she isn't innocent.

      Regarding her being prettier or better liked, I'm surprised you would think that. I always thought people myself included don't care how you look they care about results.

      I think she is good at her job. That doesn't affect me because we have different tasks. Yeah I think I'm a smarter person but I can see that my goal with this job is very different than her goal with her own job likely is.

      But I am serious when I say that she is actually playing tricks on me and I don't know what I'm supposed to do

    • You have to understand that sometimes women don't get along and that's fine. That's life.

      But no matter how much they dislike each other, I think it gets a lot out of hand when one tries to actually play tricks or hurt the other.

      If I feel I'm better than her, or that she could be a lot nicer to me, I keep it to myself. She doesn't do that, and I'm getting tired of it because I'm starting to think this internship thing won't work out so long as she doesn't accept that the best way to come out of this is to treat me politely as a colleague without being too friendly and think of me as not 'the intern,' but just a volunteer who is doing her job.