Why dont I like black woman even though im black?

( Typos and grammar mistakes below i dont really proof read while typing on my phone)

I live in compton. And im not attracted to black woman. I think its becuz of the culture. Of them Loud. Over exaggerated and aggressive and
Head strong Not lady like enough for me.

I believe in gender roles to a degree.

It could be when i was younger. In middle school i never really liked being black becuz all my friend were hispanic and maybe one black. And i couldn't relate. I didn't really have a cool culture or representation of my self. Aka no role models. My dad is just my dad hard working and goofy dad. I've never thought to look up to him until i was like 18. And he is now in my top 3 .

Hispanic had the spiking hair were emo or thugish or smoked weed and most black kid were into sports and did the same while i was not i like cartoons and yugioh. Most older black men alwasy say hey u play ball. ur tall u should play basketball or football they didn't want me to draw or to write storys called me soft. Also i seen black men mostly as crimnals growing up. Some hispanics too but there so many that i only saw a few this way. Like the blad with tattoos. Most of my class mate were in a gang or they uncle was and gpt it tatted on them by 16

Hey i have a post under the same name go read it there for my insight into my story
I meant a mytake


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  • Ctfu you really don't know what you're missing out on. Us black girls are fucking magical man. You do realize that you've mentioned a whole lot of stereotypes right. I'm not saying you're a terrible person for not liking us, but you're missing out on getting to know a lot of nice girls for some stupid ass reasons. Everyone thinks we're these loud angry monsters when we're just people. I'll admit I've noticed black girls tend to be tougher and more headstrong than most other types but it's because we have to be. People are constantly trying to put black girls down and most of us come from really harsh places. We've gotta be thick skinned to fucking survive! A lot of times it seems like the only people that actually have good things to say about black girls is other black girls. I've heard so many stereotypes that just aren't true and it's kind of annoying that black men/boys believe them. People are always saying our natural hair is ugly, we're too loud, we're too angry, some of us are too dark, some of us are too light. We're just people. We are all individuals. Some of us are one way and some of us are another way. Personally I'm light skinned and I can be loud asf when I wanna be, but I'm smart as shit, I love to curse, I love to wear all black, I'm a tomboy, I love to draw and sing, I don't give a damn about gender roles, I'm awkward, but I'm fearless and I won't hesitate to stand up to anybody. My best friend is dark skinned asf, a super girly girl, extra lady like, quiet, loves pink, and is super shy. We both live in the same ghetto ass neighborhood and we're both so different. You're missing out on a chance to meet some amazing people. Black girl magic is real.


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  • Well you live in Compton which is basically gang infested. I think you don't like them because you associate the stereotype with them being hood or loud and aggressive. You should try looking for the ones who aren't like that because there plenty of good black women out there.

    • A "hood" black girl can be nice too.

    • @KiaTate Right, a hood girl can also be nice and I've seen them before, but often times they do come off as overly aggressive and loud and want to date a man who's a "ruffneck" so I can see where question asker is coming from. Though I know that not all black girls from the hood are like that. It just takes time to search for the good one you want.

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  • I think your problem is that you need to expand your horizons. Once you get away from that negativity you're feeling, and in a different atmosphere, you will begin to have a broader perspective. You can't judge the whole world by Compton standards. It's one of the most hostile places to live, and brings out hood mentality.

  • It's the area you live in. I'm a black woman and I'm not loud or aggressive like you state. I do teach in an urban district and I'll say it's way different than where I was raised in the suburbs. The most black people there tend to be loud, they curse way more than necessary, they don't care about their grades, smoke weed, talk back, aggressive, use horrible grammar and slang... I've had several men in that area hit on me and I turn them all down. I don't have time for that.

  • I'm sorry but you sound ignorant do you realize how many stereotypes you've listed. At least education yourself and yes that is how culture depicts black women but does that mean you have to believe that?

    Nevertheless preference is preference you do you. In the end it really doesn't matter who is attracted to what race.

    • Hows it a sterotype if its what i experienced.

    • I'm not saying that some black women are not like that. I'm saying that all black women are not like that. There are people that fit those categories in every race. But does that mean a certain group of people should be blamed for the actions of other. It's ridiculous

  • Oh my gosh, your a writer? I'm African American too and I'm a writer. I love writing. Right now I'm writing a story about a black boy named Nelson. Nelson loves flowers.

    • "Right now I'm writing a story about a black boy named Nelson. Nelson loves flowers."

      What the fudge... xD

  • " think its becuz of the culture. Of them Loud. Over exaggerated and aggressive and
    Head strong Not lady like enough for me."
    Because you believe in stupid stereotypes.

  • How can you not like a whole group of women. We have different personalities then just the stereotypical "loud and ghetto" women that you would normally see on TV or music videos. That's so sad to hear.


  • :/ It's sad to read this because it's very clear that you have a deep rooted problem with self-hate. To dislike black women as a black man is to dislike your own mother, your aunties, your grandmother, and all the black women who were brutalized and raped or even gang raped in the process of you knowing freedom. When black man harbor animosity, resentment, or distaste for black women, it's always because there's something deeper going on psychologically. Those who try to say "It's just your preference" really do not possess the depth to delve into the psychology of black men like this and understand the relations between African American men and African American women.

    It's also important to note that any woman from the hood, especially Compton, is going to have a roughness to her that may make her femininity seem less feminine. This isn't just for black women but for white women who grow up in the hood or Latinas who come from rough, drug related areas. If you put a human being in a toxic surrounding, they are going to build their entire personality around surviving that environment. Anyhow, I hope you can get rid of this mentality especially now days because no woman is going to understand your struggle as a black man and be able to comfort you the way a black woman can.


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  • I dunno but you can have the white ones and I'll take black ones!

  • dude, im white, and even i find some black women attractive. i wouldn't date one, but i do find some to be at least attractive. i dont know what your problem is