Is this normal conversation? I was surprised a little?

This girl was talking at work to her boss about how she gets cramps every month (she said her lady problems) and then said it's awful etc.

She said it normally enough for me to think maybe she's just talking about it casually but still it was like... isn't this a little weird?


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  • My manager talk to me about her lady problem and she got a boyfriend. It was 8 minute conversation but I didn't mind it at all.

    • But she's a young girl and well... he's an older man?

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    • She's not that young, she just graduated University and was working at the firm.

      I figured she might just be comfortable around him. He's around 35 or so.

      But still it's just weird, I don't know I wouldn't ever bring it up so maybe it's just we have different personalities.

    • Definitely.

  • No some people are just very open about it


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