How do u get a guy to be interested in you over texting, and to text you first?

basically this guy wanted to hook up with me and i'm not rlly interested in that kind of stuff, but still want to be friends, but i'm not sure he's interested still since i kind of don't want to.. so how do i get him to still be interested in me as a friend? and maybe potentially i would be interested,,, also it's long distance


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  • It doesn't seem like he is interested in friendship, lol. If he was he would of kept texting and probably wouldn't have asked to hook up to begin with lol

    • well i was so confused, because we used to talk like for really short and we never met, nd then he texted me 5 months later and it was so random, so i was so confused and then he told me he's coming home,, and i found out he wanted to hook up?

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    • Oh ok, well maybe you can get together with him and your mutual friends?

    • yea maybe

  • send nudes

    • It's long distance... just abandon ship.

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    • You know that scene in the Wolf of Wall Street where Margo Robbie tells Leo, "We're not gonna be friends"? Well, he either wants to be "just friends" with you, or he wants to have sex with you, or he's just not interested at all in you. From that point on, you can both "pretend" (key word, emphasis added) to be "friends," but in reality, you're not, you're just starting off your "relationship" based on lying to each other and to yourselves.

      Just abandon ship and try and find a guy who isn't interested in having sex with you, but wants to be "just friends," and then, when you feel "ready," try and make that relationship "more" than "just friends."

    • @pnl86 thanks

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