Guys, what would be the best way to turn you down?

I've always found it very difficult to turn guys down, which sometimes just has to be done let's face that fact.

So full story,
I've recently started working behind a bar, since then I've gotten quite popular..
Now I don't easily start liking someone and I find it hard to deal with unwanted attention.. If they ask me straight to my face i'm fine, it's whatsapp and Facebook messenger where it gets difficult.
Now just yesterday I had a very awkward convo with a very old (compared to my age like at least 20+ years) guy that said he liked me and had been flirting with me for a while, I think I handled him but like I said it was very awkward and it gives me quite some stress..

Now there is this nice guy that had been talking to me before which seemed very innocent... Until he just asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink with him sometime.

Yes he is a very nice guy but I don't feel anything for him... So my question, how to turn him down in a way that is as nice as possible?
How would you 'like' to be turned down (if being turned down was the only option) if you were in this situation?
Any advice?


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  • you just tell him i kindly received your invitation but i would have to turn it down because i am not interested into getting you more because you are not my type off guy. you are a very great guy and i wish you well in life and i hope you find some girl that will be special to you.

    he might get hurt but this is what rejection is. depending on his personality he might insult you or just ignore you but don't take it personal.

    he might need a few weeks to move on and be happy and maybe he might talk to you again as a friend if his mind is able to move on without a problem.

    rejection is part off life so do not be afraid to decline him very nicely.


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  • I always say you're sweet but I have a boyfriend.

    • To strangers I do too but he knows I don't have one so that won't work...

    • I'd again say aww, that's sweet but then add something like but I'm just not looking to complicate my life right now.

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  • Be honestly and up front about it yea it hurts for both parties but then there isn't as much self blame. As though it happened via text or messenger. Plus then you can end the relationship stuff and maybe still be friends/aquantinces.

  • Just put it very simply - "Thank you but I'm sorry, I will have to decline."

  • No way. I don't want to be turned down otherwise I wouldn't be asking in the first place.
    There is no good way to turn someone down.


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