Do You Like Batman?

I Love Batman :pDo You Like Batman?

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  • As in the movies? The cartoons? The comics? The toys? Or just the character in general?

    If it's the movies, I think Nolan's trilogy is the best, because the themes were more darker, more deeper. Especially The Dark Knight.

    and More Importantly, NO ROBIN! But that's just me, as I don't like sidekicks type of characters, they seem to just be fillers to me.

    I remember the cartoons when I was kid, they were memorable, but I've long stopped watching them.

    Never owned any toys of Batman, maybe one time I did, think it was a movie promo kind of thing they had for McDonald's or was it Burger King's? Don't really remember anymore.

    I don't really read Batman comics, but there was one time I remember reading a Batman comic at a friend's house, Batman vs. Predator. It was very memorable to me. Years have gone by and I remember seeing someone took ideas from the comics and made this short Batman vs. Predator film:


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