I'm 5'10, how talll will I be?

So I just turned 16 and I'm 5'10 (1,78m) flat but I that was like 2 months ago so I might be a little bit taller.
My dad's 6ft (1,83m) and he told me that he was 5'5 (1,65m) at 15.
My mom is 5'2 (1,58m) and my older brother is 6'3 (1,90m) and he's 19 and he told he was 5'9 (1,75m) at 15.

My weight is 140 lbs (About 65kg) and I'm very lanky.

I don't eat candy cuz I hate most of it.
I drink 3 glasses of milk to every meal (3 meals a day) and a lot of meat and veg. Plus I get 9+ hours of sleep every night.
I hit the gym 3 times a week and I dance almost everyday where we stretch 1/4 of the lesson.
I have not hit my growth spurt yet and got hair on my armpits at 15.
And I need to add this, I'm always hungry now, it started like a week ago and I wanna eat all the time lol and I've never felt this way before in my life.


by the way I you're wondering how tall I was at 15; I was 5'9 (1,75-1,76m at 15).

  • 5'10 1/2 (1,79)
  • 5'11 (1,80)
  • 6ft (1,83)
  • 6'1 (1,85)
  • 6'2 (1,88)
  • 6'3 (1,91)
  • 6'4 (1,93)
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  • I think around 185 cm something like that


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