How do you reach out to other people in the workplace?

I just got a job and i'm shy so people are trying to talk to me and I can't seem to hold a conversation with people.


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  • I'm an introvert and bit a shy make too. You have two options. Let people talk about themselves and fakely enjoy it, or try to relate to what they talk about. Example being
    " good afternoon, how are you?"
    You: "good good, never a dull moment, how about yourself?"
    " same old thing, another day another dollar."
    You: " so your a ( try to guess there position or pretend you forgot there position.)?"
    " no-no I'm a (what ever it is?)"

    This where you educate yourself about the person asking the what, how, why,
    What made you get into?
    How long?

    So creat a topic and question it with the three mentioned above.

  • Skype.

    In my office, we use M. S. Outlook for business, Skype for Business (came with M. S. Office enterprise edition), and regular Skype (what we're most used to).

    It allows for spontaneous communication like a face-to-face conversation, is till editable, and allows for emojis, images, videos, etc.

    • I work at ruby tuesdays

    • Just don't get self-conscious. Focus completely on the other person. Don't get stuck in your head. Just let the conversation flow naturally.

  • Just start by saying hi to everyone. Smiling as you walk by and nodding your head.
    The people you work closely with, there is nothing wrong with walking up and saying "hi, I'm new her and my name is ___, nice to meet you".

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