Why? He is confusing to read. Is he going to say it was a bad idea again or is he starting to want more again?

Ok so when we broke up he made contact first, and we had sex a few times over the summer up until August where he told me he did not think it was fair to either of us and it was best to be freinds without anything else. Not sure what that meant entirely like in other words for. Well that happened once or twice until he finally said no more. I did not text him for awhile and then he started talking with me again this past week. ( he initiated). We just talked about movies we were watching etc and it continued 3-4 days. Then last night was talking about something else and he goes yeah you are prob out partying etc. Told him no when he said that about the previous night/ He said I prob went out when i didn't answerr the text after a few minutes. I said i was home and he said prove it so i sent a picture of the bottom of my pants. He said he didn't believe me and that maybe I should prove it to him and come hang. I was conflicted but i went over. We talked for a few minutes but then started making out. He asked if it was ok and i was iffy about it so i said well are you. We wound up having sex and after he said i could stay or go whichever i wanted and asked if i had work. I guess meaning we could sleep in but i did. Im so confused as to what he wants or is thinking etc. I dont want him to turn around later and go i think it was a bad idea again because Id go off i think. So why is he talking to me and the sex part and such. I do want him back but i am not sure how he is feeling


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