Have you ever had ‘Spiritual chills’?

I think I experienced some of those; they were quite interesting and weird at the same time. I would like to know more about them. Please feel free to share your experiences.

To know more about the topic, please visit to this link.
These are mine: Third Eye pressure, Cold chills


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  • I get them all the time, but I don't necessarily interpret them as a good thing. I'm not sure I agree with the interpretation given, either, though of course, I don't know. I'll think of them in those terms and see :)

    I get this feeling where the whole body sort of 'lights up', that's when I can feel that my 'spirit' is taking an interest. If I see a transcendental piece of music, for example, Mahler 2 or Vaughan-Williams, in the former concert I was sat alone and one of the soloists was singing in my direction. It was overwhelmingly heavenly :) (ah that's interesting, I read the article to its conclusion, and its interpretation turned out to be the same as this one).

    Then I have the odd experience which is way more intense than all of that. In fact, depending on my mood, energy levels, and circumstances, the 'third eye' seems to wake up, give almost electrical shocks and impulses, too. My life is quite tumultuous and unstable, so a lot of these things can go dormant for as much as months at a time.

  • How to use spiritual chill in a sentence.

    When the pastor said to the young boy "you want to see jesus magic staff", and it wasn't what he expected it gave the young boy spiritual chills.