Ladies would you be offended of a 109 year old man said the key to living a long life is to avoid women?

I'm asking this question because there's this 109 year old woman from Scotland who said the reason why she's able to live this long, is her avoiding men. She's never been married in her life... so I'm wondering if there was a man the same age as her thinking not having a woman in his life is wonderful, would you be offended by his way of thinking.

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  • Haha. It only FEELS like he lived for 109 years. In actuality it was just 2 months.

  • Lol is this why rockstars die so young because they fuck so many women?

  • Actually most 109 year olds don't do that... she's just taking out her man hate.

    On the other hand, men get nagged to death and destroyed socially so there's a lot of truth in it for us!! Who care if women get offended? Fuck women!!