As I was backing out of my driveway I saw a dead rat with its head cut off in my driveway did I do the right thing by throwing it in my backyard?

So there was this big dead rat with its head cut off which it looked like it got bitten off, as I came home today from school. I have a pretty good idea that it was a group of cats cause my mom and brother provide food for these cats in our backyard. What should I have done in that situation? Cause I don't want a dead rat in my way of where I am supposed to park my car in my driveway.

  • You did the right thing since its your backyard there is no violation
  • you should have called the cops
  • Throw it out on the street you won't get fined for littering?
  • Put it away in a garbage bag and wait until the garbage men come during trash day to throw it away
  • You should have grabbed a shovel, dug a hole, and buried it, then give it a proper funeral and a eulogy
  • other
  • Bury it in a pet cemetery then get an old creepy lady do say a back magic spell that will bring it back with a incantation so it can get revenge on those cats that killed it
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  • I can't believe you touched a rat, dead or alive. I would have just ran inside fast as anything and called my boyfriend or step dad to get it. kudos to you


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  • Does it matter? It's just a rat 😂

    • I didn't want it laying there in the drieway all stinky with all those insects eating away at its corpse. LOL

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