A question about the paranormal?

I have sleep apnea. Sometimes when I sleep, I stop breathing. Most of the time, I my roommate will hear me struggling to breathe and will shake me to wake me up. The other night, I couldn't breathe and I felt hands shaking me awake. I turned over to see if my roommate was in the room with me and no one was there. I did see something across the room darting out of the doorway. It looked like a little child. The next day, I asked my roommate if she was in my room the night before and she said no. Could what I experienced have been a ghost?


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  • No it's sleep paralysis. It is when you are half asleep half awake. This is common it's all over the internet of other people having similar experiences. You can even hallucinate.


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  • You were probably dreaming.

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