I'm goona be sooo sad if he asks me out on Monday?

This guy he's down to earth, really sweet and he never had a girlfriend. Which when he talks to me for some reason he always brights up and smiles endlessly but it's just enlightens me but it's kinda obvious he likes me and tries to talk to me. what he doesn't know I'm not allowed to date... I tried not to be close to him the way he is close to me I try to do stuff that would find me unattractive , I'm trying to kinda avoid eye contact and a little avoiding him by little by little.. But he's actually trying to get closer to me... I don't want to break his heart I'll have to decline , but I dot want to hurt him I'll cry if I have to do that... Help me please! When he looks at me he smiles deep into my eyes I just give him a small smile I don't want him to think that I like him... Help please!


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  • Dry your Tears and all of your Fears, @Zxcvon.
    Stay friends for now. 18 is right around the Corner.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You're not allowed to date?

    • Yep, until like i am 18. But what should I say when he asks me out the whole class knows that he likes me... How do I say I'm not allowed to date but not make it sence to the whole school...

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  • You don't have to call them dates.

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