Dreaming about being in love with a girl I never met before?

So last night I had this really weird but very vivid dream (like seems real , real enough to be able to remember it well ) where I was in this relationship with this girl that was extremely beautiful...

Waking up, i still remember the feeling of being with her, although I don't have any recollection about meeting that girl in the waking world, which is weird because I read that the dreaming mind can't make up people and the people in your dreams are always faces you have met.

Is this normal? could this maybe mean that that girl will be the girl of my dreams and that I might meet her soon? I am confused..


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  • Maybe you saw that girl somewhere but didn't notice her exclusively among others, and now you are dreaming her? Who knows...

  • Tell me about it, I'm dreaming about a guy I saw and am crushing on


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