What does it mean to be a nice person?

Is it someone who likes people?
Is it someone who is selfless?
Is it someone who is generous?
Is it someone who never speaks their mind and states the obvious?
Is it someone who doesn't stick up for themselves?
Is it someone who gives compliments?
Is it someone who does these things because they want to and not because they want something in return?
Is it someone who is nice to everyone?
I honestly feel like I have more of an avatar/superhero personality than a nice person personality. I'm not no saint.

Do you consider yourself a nice person?
any other definitions?


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  • I consider a nice person as someone who doesn't intentionally hurt other people , who'll look beyond a person's exterior. A person who doesn't look down on or talk down to other people, and is genuinely compassionate towards people.


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  • *Unselfish*
    Someone who genuinely cares for the people around them. Not so unselfish as to put themselves and their loved ones at risk. But willing to give to those who need it.

    *Lacking Prejudice*
    They understand we're all human. There is no them, and everyone's apart of us.

    They've been through it all. They know what you're going through. They understand that living is difficult and you may still be finding your way.

    They've already made the mistakes and learned the lessons, and they do their best to advise you through tough times.

    *Composed emotionally*
    They are the masters of their emotions. They know when to show passion and when to stay calm and patient.

    Off the top of my head, this is kindness.

    • Refering to your update:
      Not yet. I'm not composed emotionally. I get angry easily. I'm also very selfish. I give to charity when I can, but outside of that, I've a very selfish and materialistic person. I work very hard to change these things about myself though.

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  • There are no nice people in general.
    Nice people in some cultures can be weak and stupid people in other cultures.
    Imagine, Francis is a quiet man he does not speak up for himself when they insult him or insult his friends because he does not want problems some can say that he is a nice person because he is anti violence, some can say he is a coward. Now imagine a person who tells everyone good things and lies to make them happy and keep the people in illusions when they should listen the truth, is he a good person?
    There a different views about a good person.
    For me a nice person is a person who respects everyone despite not liking some, a nice person knows when to speak up and shut up, a nice person knows when to lie and when to be true and fair. A nice person tries always to do the best thing and must know his errors and his mistakes. A nice person must not consider himself a nice person or a perfect person but always tries to improve himself/herself. A nice person is someone who can be trustworthy, and won't stab you in the back.
    A nice person makes others happy and does not have to make someone unhappy.

  • It is someone who increases the happiness in the world without doing it at the expense of others.

  • Doing something nice without expecting anything in return.

  • Let people walk all over you