Did this guy like me my friend said he did but I don't think so?

Ok so a few years ago when I was 14 I was friends with a boy we will call him CF we met through are parents CF his younger brother and sister would spend the night at my house a lot one night I feel asleep on the floor when I woke up CF was snuggled up to my right side with his arm around my tummy and his head on my boob and his feet wrapped around my leg sound asleep. Later that day his brother was being bad and I said if he didn't behave Him self I was going to kiss the mean out of him CF just blushed and said really Did this guy like me my friend said he did but I don't think so?
I laughed a bit and said thares a age limit😂 he just looks at his feet and says O. That night I need to take my dog for a walk but my mom said I couldn't go by myself and she refused to go with me CF got up and said I could go with her I protested a bit before giving and he went with me we suggest we walk her more than I normally do he seemed to have a problem looking straight at me he saw a moon flower and gave it to me with a blushed face
A few weeks later my mom got a call on the phone it was CFs mother she said CF wanted me to ask if you're girl would like to go to the movie at midnight tonight I said sure I was expecting to see his brother and sister going with us and are mom's but it was just him are mom's gave us cash for the movie and started giggling as they walked away I turned said aren't you coming with us the said no and left we went into the movie and sat down he sat down right next to me and smiled when i smiled back he looks at his feet and blushed again
I'm just wondering in that year did he actually have a thing for me ,?


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  • I personally would feel weird if I woke up with a dude snuggled up to me and he wasn't my boyfriend... but yeah he liked you.

    • It's normal for me his sister was on the other side and his brother was wrapped around my other leg. I don't see why he would have liked me why do you think he liked me

    • oh ok nvm then. the fact that he jumped up and said he would walk with you and didn't take no as an answer. he picked a flower for you and a guy wouldn't do that if he didn't like you. you guys went to the movies and he had his mom call your parents bc he was too nervous. He looked down acting shy when you went on the movie date. trust me he liked you

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