“The Globalist Establishment”, why is it bad?


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  • Here is why its bad. These jewish supremacists are tribalistic. They dont have the interest of gentiles when making world decisions, that affect us. Usury, is their main weapon and has allowed them to increase their wealth drastically. Their scheme works so well because the control the money supply for many nations. The federal reserve is a great example of this. The lend money to us, at interest (its called inflation, hidden tax) the more money they print, the less a dollar is worth and the more we owe. we are indebted to them.

    Because we are indebted to them, we are indebted to Israel (Thats why we ally with them, even though it is not strategic at all for us)

    Us gentiles, do not control our own money supply. therefore we don't control our government, or our laws.

    Not mention they control the minds of the people through media. Which they have had an overwhelming influence over for decades.
    They are able to shape public opinion. People's thoughts aren't their own and their perception is influenced by these producers.

    The end goal is to achieve a one world government where, us gentiles are under complete control of our jewish masters.

    • *I am not condemning the average jew. I am specifically referring to Elitist Zionist jews.
      average jew is just as clueless as any of us gentiles (Or at least I hope they are)

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    • I gave you your MHO. See? Your Jewish master is generous after all.

    • Thanks master please give me a shekel

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  • It's not a bad thing as humans are one race one species one animal. But it's being run the wrong way. We still got racism that doesn't allow for good business, education. Even mass immigration is not a problem as long as you let them thrive, come up with innovate ideas and such. Globalization may hinder traditions and some stuff but I personally don't see a problem

  • I'll give ya 10 good reasons!
    1. The Jews
    2. The CIA
    3. Zionists
    5. They want to take our guns and make us zombie/slaves
    6. Karl Marx warned us!!
    7. The Titanic was an inside job perpetrated by George Bush
    8. Hillary Clinton is a robot
    9. The illuminati are trying to take over
    10. the people at the Davos Forum control hot cheetos prices


  • I know in my head why it's bad but I struggle to put it into words. I'll try though. The main reason I'm against the globalist establishment is because I don't like what they're doing to my country. They seek to undermine the nation state in favour of open borders and mass immigration. They claim that they do this for "diversity" and all that bollocks, but really it's just am easy way to create more competition for low paying jobs and drove down wages as third work immigrants will work for peanuts. This also means the destruction of tradition, identity - people without any sense of heritage or loyalty to their people are easier to control, are more likely to value money and things over anything else. Multiculturalism actually destroys real culture, turning it into a dumbed down commercialised caricature of it's former self. They say they support diversity, but then they want us all to be the same, the idea being that everybody's money is good. Basically under globalism the only thing that matters is money and being a good consumer. Forget preserving everything your ancestors built, fought and died for to preserve for you, forget putting family first, make lots of money in some bullshit job and material things make you happy instead.


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