Describe the physical appearance of your idea of an attractive woman?

How does she dress, what does her face look like, eye colour, hair colour/length, height, weight, body shape and also voice? (High, low, raspy?)

Wow nevermind.


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  • I'm extremely attracted to brunettes. I always notice a girls hair even before her face, so great hair goes a long way with me. Long or short doesn't matter, I prefer long though.
    I seem to be attracted to doe eyed women which I hadn't realized until a year or so ago. Eye color doesn't matter.
    I prefer girls with curves, my current girlfriend is 5'6", 125 and a 36B which is perfect in my opinion.
    Does this help?


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  • There is just so many things that can make a woman attractive. I can describe an attractive woman, and that would be no more or less attractive than the description of another.

    • "your idea"..

    • Yea, I'm aware of what you asked. The answer is exactly the same.

    • Yeah I get what you meant read it wrong though sorry.

  • Why not personality?

    • Because that's not what I asked?

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