Why do people call names when they lost an argument with you?

I was arguing 'professionally' with this guy about the Hillary vs Trump stuffs and after some times he started to use vulgar words to me lol. I find it hilarious that some people took things on the internet seriously. Have it ever happened to you?



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  • Yeah it happened a few times. When I argue, I don't use harsh or vulgar words unless the person srarted the name calling first. Still, I avoid doing it. I mostly being sarcastic perhaps it triggers them more. People who do this are just pathetic losers who don't get to see the sun. They are either suffer from depression or something is going on in their lives that makes them lashing out on others.

    People like this though, are the most COWARD ones in real life. They will say shits to you behind the computer screen just because you don't know their identity. Trust me if you ever meet them in real, they are coward rats. I know people like this.

    • Omg, you are absolutely right! I commented on a video one time on YouTube and some random dude wanted to pick a fight with me calling me disrespectful names. And after awhile I stopped replying. Then a week later, this idiot decides to call me more names. He was so pathetic. 🙄

    • @Zozzita Most of them are just waiting to see your reaction. The more calm you react on it, the more furious they will get. When they realize their insult isn't working on you they begin to get frustrated.

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  • People say things that they May not Mean and Yes, it is Mean... To Call Names.
    I trey not to Argue Politics nor religion, it's a Sore Subject.
    However, many Things that I have Learned First hand on this 'Internet,' has Come to Pass and I can Say, "See? Told ya so."
    Good luck. xx

  • The election shit gets people really crazy sometimes and they shift towards ad hominem attacks if they see their point is fading.

  • Liberals are famous for name calling. Their favorite names are racist, bigot, sexiest, and homophobic. That is what I run up against. Some of them are nuts.

  • It's nice when people can talk and exchange ideas without that happening.


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  • He probably just legitamately thinks you're an idiot. It doesn't mean he lost an argument, it just means he thinks you're trash.