People think I'm fake / weird?

So I online chat a lot become often when I'm home I don't have a lot to do. I go on omegle and all that and people ask for number, I tell them I don't have a phone and they assume I'm a catfish or something? I'm a poor student who broke her phone a couple years ago and has been using an iPod instead what's so wrong/ catfishy about that?


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  • Well you have Skype, yahoo, Google and other free apps that you make into a phone. But your not in the wrong. They can't judge what they don't understand. If you don't have it and tell them to give you money then.

    • I don't ask for money I just look for people to talk to

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  • Many people Today will think Someone is a Catfish when they Believe they are Making up Lame Duck excuses.
    If one can't Produce some sort of Real proof, you will Get this a Lot on the Spot.
    However, Gag is pretty cool where you don't have to 'Prove' of anything Much except that you can Answer the Best from the Rest.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Well you know you're real and that's all that should matter

    • It makes it hard when people won't talk to you anymore

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    • The most interesting ones yeah. They ask for my number I say I don't have one but that we can talk by other means like kik.

    • Ahh that's too bad. I'm sorry.

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