Do people not realise how sick Hillary is?

Yes Trump has said some things in the past VERBALLY but that is nothing compared to what Hillary has done. Hillary has defended a rapist knowing he raped a child and then went on to blame the 12 year old child for being raped. She's called all of the woman who have accused Bill Clinton of harassing them or even raping them liars and pigs. She's even spent hundreds of millions of dollars to keep them all silenced. Yet people still think she is the better of the two? I would rather pick a guy who says dumb things sometimes that he shouldn't then a woman who defends criminals and is so corrupt.


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  • Trump has done more than say bad things. He's been notorious for being a crooked business man, he's not paid taxes, he's bullied local landowners to sell cheaply to him for developments, his best defense against charges of racist housing practices was that he paid people off but "didn't admit guilt." He purposely says things to attract white supremacists and retweets neo nazis. He speaks against NAFTA, but exploited loopholes to profit from it. He claims to be all American, but uses Chinese labor for his products. Etc. Basically, he's a wealthy vulture.

    They are BOTH terrible people.

    • He's the best out of the two in my opinion

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  • Everyone is entitled to their own views , lots of rumours more stuff coming out about Donald - It is so bizarre, you can't predict what way it will go.


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  • I never got that and that isn't even the tip of the iceberg of the crimes she's committed.

    • Exactly, it's so dumb. I mean it doesn't help since basically the whole of the media is against trump so none of the stuff Hillary does gets put out there on the media.

    • Aye and the media that does put out that stuff is very small. She's a criminal if I did what she does I'd be in jail. She's a murderous criminal and has no rights to be in the White House.

    • Yess exactly 😂 The thing that trump said was 10 years old too but they keep bring it up when Hillary has done stuff recently

  • As an outsider (Canadian) I try to stay away from this topic... its just so sad. America used to be a leader and superpower the rest of the world looked up to. Now the rest of the world just shakes its head in discouragement that American politics has reached this level. It actually scares me.

    • They still are the worlds superpower in terms of economy. They just have so much bs right now there. Trump v hillary, blm, police, the media, feminists/feminazis, corruption, wars being started by them

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    • Oh I just realised that lol. I think a democrat probably moved it 😂 I'm only joking. I muse have clicked the wrong section to put this in. Personally I think Trump will do less damage compared to Hillary. Hillary is just a lying corrupt witch. She wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face. I know Trump is bad too but I rather take a guy who says what he's thinking than a woman who lies.

    • @Spencer10 Sorry about that. Hurts when a double double comes out that way...

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