Why is ex acting like this, Back and fourth crap. can't he just make up his mind?

He is going back and fourth with this and its driving me crazy because I just wish we were together. We broke up in April. Its been hard I stopped communication but he initiated after bu. We had sex throught the summer a few times and then he asked how i felt about all that. He told me he did not think it was a good idea anymore esp if i had all those feelings etc. We wound up having sex again and then he said it again. Said we should stay friends without anything else bc its not fair to us. I stopped talking to him and a few weeks later he initiated asking if i was talking to him still. We talked everyday for the next 4 days and then he was saying stuff about me going out partying that he thought i was and that I should come hang out. So i did go over and we wound up having sex again. The next day he texted me saying he still felt the same way and he is sorry for this back and fourth stuff. Why is he going back and fourth with anything and why so indesisive. Is there still something there, or he afraid to try again? I believe we still have something worth trying bc the relationship was good but its not up to me. So why is he acting like this?

  • He still has feelings, and is unsure about everything
  • He knows what he is doing
  • Other ( explain)
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  • bastard knows what he's doing

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