People who have parents who emigrated to where you are now?

Were you born where your parents moved to, or did you come with them?
Are you still patriotic about your parents countries?
Which country do you feel you belong to more, or do you feel you're equal in both?


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  • My great grandparents immigrated to the US from Holland. I am patriotic about Holland and I equally feel I belong to both Holland and the US.

    • Interesting that it's your great grandparents and you're still patriotic. Nice to see traditions and cultures do continue through generations. Where you brought up knowing lots about Holland and with a bit of the culture mixed in with your US cultures or did you just end up loving it yourself?

    • I was brought up this way. When my grandpa gets coffee, he goes to Dutch Brothers or Starbucks. He thinks Starbucks has something against Dutch people.