Who will you vote for? Trunk? Tramp? or Trump?

Since people are asking this question a lot, I thought... why not ask it too?

Those are the candidates, admire them:


Who will you vote for? Trunk? Tramp? or Trump?



Personally speaking, I think Trunk is the best choice among them. But I am actually more interested in hearing your opinion on this really important matter.

  • Trunk is the saviour! Behold on its glory!
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  • Tramp dude is my nigga. After all, I love the disney movie Lady and the Tramp.
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  • I am activating the Trump card!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Goodluck to this cuntry if they selected the Tree Trump as their prez. I believe he will make Americunt great again ✊🏼

    • Hay anon babez ;3

    • Lol! You're incredible!

    • We can work on our chemistry together and overthrow the trump card from this land with the Powa of LUV 💝

Most Helpful Girl

  • Gotta say trunk.
    Stable, holds his ground, very sturdy.


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