Can we talk bras?

Pick one (or more) of the following to answer:

A) Have you done anything with your old bras besides throw them away?
B) Do you have an embarrassing bra story?
C) What is the "strangest" thing that has happened to your bra?


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  • No I throw them away when they're too old or broken.

    • I heard a friend of mine took her old bra, ripped out the padding, and used it as a tip for a paint brush and painted with it.

      Does that seem weird or interesting at all?

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    • She told me it was for a class where she had to come up with a "new" type of brush.

    • Haha ok

What Girls Said 3

  • A) No.
    B) It came unhooked during class once. D:
    C) Define strange...

  • A. Yes I have kept them for sentimental value xD I need some new bras most of them are not very sturdy and are kinda old. :/...

    B. Once I wore a very very sheer top to school, over a tank top of course. It was just weaved loosely for the design but it was so see through... my tank top was really odd and not mine so it wasn't conformed to my personal chest. So with my maroon ass bra the tank top slid down without me noticing and I was literally walking around with my bra just out just like hey. Through my sheer shirt. Also I have really small boobs so that's embarrassing enough...

    C. Once my bra randomly unclipped in school. I was stretching my back and it just fell off! It was strapless so I low key freaked out cause it fell off lol.

  • A) Just toss em out
    B) I met a guy and he we were walking through a park and my bra came unhooked and I couldn't fix it so I had to ask him to rehook it for me.
    C) A bee flew in my shirt and landed in my bra. It must've been attracted to my boobees (pun intended).