Does anyone find those accidental Trump comments funny?

Ok so im not from Usa im from New Zealand where our PrimeMinister has had awkaward 3 way handshakes, off the record tea breaks recorded and a ponytail pulling of a teenage girl.. all of which were like a fart in the breeze here and forgotten about quickly.

Anyways back to "The Donald " his comments of
"Grabbed her by the p#$$y" and the like although sexist
and harmful to his cause have washed over our radio stations and comedy tv shows here with a certain humour the same as the " Fuck Her in The Pussy" live tv gag of 2015 ..
So my question Do you take Trumps comments seriously? or Are you much like NZ and having be laughing at his comedic value?

Are you really going to let him run you're nation?


Thats John Key Our PrimeMinister on the left of your screen making an awkward 3 way handshake with the Irb Boss and The Nz AllBlacks Captain Richie McCaw after the 2011 RwC win in Nz


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  • I don't care what he does in his private life. But if he is within the law of the land , its fine. If he wins , then he is worth of being a President.

  • His base will find them funny but I think conservative republicans will be offended by it and he needs them.

  • Oh I fucking remember all the ponytail pulling.
    Haha that was hilariously disturbing.

  • conservative republicans will


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