Opinions on what he might mean/doing that?

I have been talking to man who is older than me (he's in his 40s and I'm in my 20s). He's divorced, been a couple of years. We met on a game and have been talking for almost 1.5 years. I love our conversations, we talk about everything. When I talk to him I feel like I can tell him anything. I love that he listens to me and actually has an opinion and doesn't just say "mhm/yeah/etc". We aren't really a couple (live in different states and we are undefined), but we talk/act like one.

Okay to my point, when I try to initiate phone sex or sexting, he shoots it down or says "we have to schedule that". I know he used to fool around talking to women and sext them, and he stopped when he started talking to me (bc he told me). I asked him why he doesn't do the same with me and he said bc "you're different and they're no one to me". I know he masturbates to my pics and if we are on the phone he hangs up if he's getting a hard on so he can take care of it. I sometimes think it's bc of the age difference. Every once in a while he would tell me that he was scared of me, never says why. I don't know if he had a bad divorce and I don't want to pry. All I know from what he has told me was that his ex-wife pushed him away. Sometimes I think it's bc he doesn't want the past repeating (when he got married he was in his 20s and she was in her 40s).


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  • First dont know, I never get invoed into such kind of sex lenged
    but My friend had ever masturbated first to think about the relathionship.
    Maybe he start to think about it serious.


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