How do you do a peer review?

My assignment for English is a peer review, I don't know if it's on my essay or not. I never did this in high school and google isn't helping. Am I supposed to use first person?


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  • Yes you use first person. You pretty much mention things you liked and didn't. Plus it's a chance for you to find Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc... Before the teacher does so they can be fixed. Nothing to worry about.


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  • Read and give constructive criticism. Nothing more than that. Also, best way to give a critique. Say a positive thing, something to work on, then another positive thing.


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  • In my experience a peer review is a informal read and constructive criticism of a fellow students work. That's the sound like that
    More detail?

    • I'm not sure my teacher assigned this on the right date, after I submitted my essay, I was supposed to get essays I can review and comment on but there isn't any essays that I can review.

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    • I don't like those online courses for reasons like those. Good luck and you owe one academic advice (jk)

    • I definitely agree, they are the worst. And my professor takes forever to grade stuff.

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  • You could use first person, but it often comes across as offensive. For instance:
    1. I don't like that you wrote "...". I would have liked "..." much better.
    2. Maybe it would have been better if you had written "..." instead of "..." because "...". That would improved your piece of work, in my humble opinion.

    Just give your opinion, but give it in a constructive, not deconstructive way.

    • I forgot to mention that #2 is the right way to go, but I think that's fairly obvious, right?

    • Yeah, thanks for mentioning it I didn't think of that.