I'm using a rental while my car is in the shop being fixed. Can I use the rental car even tho I'm not 18?

I mean I don't want to just sit around and do nothing all day just because I'm not 18? I was thinking of going to the movies


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  • You need to read the rental agreement. Many will not rent to people under 21 or even 25. If you were given it from elsewhere (loaner from the garage) ask them about insurance coverage, or maybe call your own insurance company and ask them if you are covered.

    • There was no rental agreement. We just signed a paper saying we have till 24 hours until we return the car and keep the gas full.

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  • Your age may be a factor. You need to read the terms of the rental contract or their policies for insurance.
    If it were me, I would only drive a rental when only absolutely necessary because you may be liable for any little thing that happens to the rental such as dings and scratches. When it is your own car it isn't a big deal, but with a rental they will make you pay for any damages.

    • I know the consequences and I'm responsible for those things if it ever happened.

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    • I am a mechanic, I work on transport trucks. Things can break with little to no warning all the time. Just the pleasures of owning a vehicle. I hope it isn't expensive.

    • Thankfully.. I have warranty with zero deductible We were on a tight budget.

  • What happened to your car? Did it not start?

  • why do you have to have your own car to go somewhere. sometimes if you're nice to people theyll actually do things for you

    also, most dealerships if not all, will not rent to a person under 25


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